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Themed Competition Definitions

The Club hold Themed Competitions throughout the year. Definitions are provided below as suggested by the theme proposer. These definitions are passed onto all Club Members and given to the Judges prior to the judging taking place.

January 23rd - Sharland Cup - Backlighting
Backlighting Definition - where the main subject of the picture has been fully or partially lit from the back. Includes silhouettes, rim lighting objects. Sunset landscape isn't suitable, but a sunset clouds, buildings lit from back by the Sun are ok 

March 26th - Competition 2 - Urban
Urban Definition - Urban photography concentrates on objects and features in urban environments. The emphasis is on the settings, surroundings and architecture. You could also define urban photography as a documentation of urban spaces. An urban environment is a built area inhabited by humans, contains architecture and a place where people live and work therefore closely linked to towns and cities.

May 28th  - Competition 4 - Detail
Detail Definition - part of a bigger construct (is eye of a tiger, wheel on a vehicle etc. )

September24th - Competition 6 - Repetition / Pattern
Repetition / Pattern Definition - Repetition in photography is the act of capturing an element or subject multiple times within a single frame or several frames. It can be seen in various forms, such as patterns, shapes, colours, and lines that are repeated throughout the image. Repetition can create a visual rhythm that draws the viewer’s attention to specific parts of the photograph, leading them on a journey through the image


November 26th - Competition 8 - Graffiti

Graffiti Definition - Graffiti is art that is written, painted or drawn on a wall or other surface usually without permission and within public view. Graffiti ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings and is found in different forms such as political slogans, humorous messages and artistic designs.

January  - Sharland Cup 2025  - Rose

Rose Definition - to be provided by Gabor Horvath 

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