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Cliff Woodhead

My interest in photography has its origins 70 years ago when as a young teenager I was given a Ensign box camera by my step-father which had accompanied him around Europe in WW2.

In my very early years I lived at locations which were within close proximity to a railway line & I developed a passion for steam trains which I started to record on camera.

Upon realizing the limitations of my box camera I progressed on to a 35mm Vito B Voitlander & with the help of a work colleague I gained access to a club darkroom facility from which I amassed a large collection of nostalgic prints of varying quality !

I moved on to a Praktica lV with 2 lenses in the 1960 s and, as steam was being replaced by modern traction I gradually turned my attention to Nature which I also had a love for and enjoyed exploring my local woodland with the camera before moving to South Wales in Nov 69. Little did I know that steam haulage would one day be allowed back on to the network thanks to enthusiasts coming together to form Preservation groups which is another story !

Once I discovered the Cardiff Naturalists Society& local RSPB group my interest turned to serious birdwatching & the camera was used mainly for family activities until being invited to join this club by good friend & neighbour Mel O Brien in the late nineties & subsequently took on the role of comp sec for 15 years until recently.

Consequently, my photography took an upturn, thanks to the help & advice of members from camera techniques to photoshop etc also from entering competitions & having the benefit of Judges critiques.

I changed equipment on several occasions over the years & currently use a Canon 7D ll with 100-400 ll lens with 2 smaller lenses.

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